Geneva is not only Switzerland’s capital but also its major hub. It serves the southern area of Switzerland as well as France and a variety of major ski areas in the Alps including popular destinations such as Chamonix and Portes du Soleil.

Most visitors here see little of the surrounding area apart from the airport and if they do stop for a day or two it is to tick Geneva off the bucket list and visit popular such as the UN buildings.

However, within an hour or two from Geneva, there is so much more to explore. Afterall Switzerland is a gorgeous country where mirror-like lakes are flanked by snow-capped mountains and tasting, skiing, mountain biking and hiking are all possible, even within the same day.

Montreaux – the Swiss Riviera

Take the train out of Geneva to the other side of the lake Geneva and you’ll be greeted with one of the most scenic public transport journeys in the world: Montreaux – where lake meets mountains.

Home to the well-heeled and the old stomping grounds for many famous bands, Montreux has many stories to tell. That is if you can draw yourself away from the view.

Many of these stories are hidden within the walls of the majestic Chillon Castle, a romantic and quirky ancient castle that sits on the lake itself and is possibly one of the most destinations in all of Switzerland.

But don’t just marvel at the castle from the outside, be taken on a journey back in time and discover the tales of Dukes, armed men, torture chambers, miraculous escapes.

Ski at Crans Montana

Nestled about two hours from Geneva, Crans Montana is a lovely ski (see our guide to Crans Montana). This small family-friendly isn’t as intimidating as some of the country’s larger ski and is perfect for beginners and children. A free cable car takes you to a kiddie’s zone so you can visit for the day and don’t have to worry about forking out for expensive ski passes and the like.

Take dinner at L’Etrier. They serve a delicious dinner of traditional raclette (cheese heated up over an open and served with bread and potatoes) and pair this with a chilled class of homegrown dry, fruity Chasselas white wine at

Cheesy goodness at Gruyères

Get there at the right time and you may find yourself in a traffic jam made up of hundreds of cows sporting bells and colourful flowered headdresses. It’s an annual ceremony where cows get dressed up to come down from the alps to the winter pastures.

It’s a lovely sight but in any case, Gruyères is one of those places you simply have to visit. The scenery is straight out of a postcard with its picture-perfect cobbled streets and old traditional buildings. It is famous around the world for the rich, fondue fantastic cheese they produce. Don’t leave without tasting some. Or better still, visit the cheese factory.

Visit Brig and the Simplon Pass

While the town of Brig may be a little over two hours from Geneva, it is worth the drive. Pass through many scenic towns before ending up in Brig which is the gateway to the Simplon Pass which connects Switzerland to neighbouring Italy.

This scenic pass is flanked by mountain and a sheer cliff and offers fantastic views as you climb up into the snowy mountain tops.

Near the pinnacle, you can stop and enjoy a little-known sport – snowkiting. The Swiss Snowkiting School here offers lessons and after just a few short hours you’ll be up and flying along with the snow with a feeling of pure exhilaration. If you decide that you just can’t get enough of that feeling book in for a few nights.