Late last year I sent my daughter on a reconnaissance mission to find out which storybook character her teacher loved when she was a little girl. The intel came back: it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

So I set to work making an end of year thank you gift for the teacher. It was one of my signature-customised cloth doll designs, loosely inspired by Belle, with a rockabilly twist. Quite coincidentally at this particular time the world was hyping up for the next Disney installment of this beloved fairy tale classic.

Now, when I make dolls I like to accessories them, not wanting to send them out into the world empty handed. In the case of Rockabilly Belle she came with a handmade book titled “Embrace Your Inner Beast” and a single stem rose. Today’s tutorial is all about that felt and wire crafted flower. So let’s begin.

Felt Craft: How to make a Stitched Felt Flower

You will need:

  • Wire – 9cm
  • Thread – 1x green, 1x red
  • Felt squares – 1x green, 1x red, 1x pink
  • Sewing needle
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric marker [air drying]
  • Pliers

How to:

1/ Print template at 100% and out the pattern pieces.

2/ Using a fabric marker, draw an outline of pattern pieces onto felt [1 green stem, 5x green leaves, 4x red petals, 4x pink petals].

3/ Using pliers bend one end of the 9cm wire piece, creating a small loop [as pictured].

4/ Wrap a pink petal piece around the wire loop. Using red thread stitch closed the bottom point of the folded petal into the loop.

5/ Wrap a red petal piece around the first pink petal, mirroring it. Stitch the red petal piece closed at the bottom point, into the wire loop [just like we did in step 4]. The flower is beginning to take shape and now looks a 2-colour way love heart.

6/ Wrap a red petal piece half around the pink petal and half around the red petal piece. Stitch the red petal into the other petal pieces near the base.

7/ Wrap a pink petal piece half around the red petal and half around the pink petal piece. Stitch the pink petal into the other petal pieces near the base.

8/ Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all petal pieces are sewn into the flower base.

9/ Knot off the red thread in the flower and thread.

10/ Using pliers bend the bottom end of the wire stem.

11/ Thread needle with green thread. Wrap green stem piece around wire stem and stitch the edge closed using a blanket stitch. Stitch the end closed, tie a knot and thread.

12/ Position a green leaf piece to the base of the flower. Stitch the leaf into the stem and flower with a few basic stitches.

13/ Repeat step 12 placing another three leaf pieces in a quad formation.

14/ Position the last leaf piece midway on the stem and vertical edge stitch together.

15/ Gently bend the stem to give it a natural shape. Most things in nature do not follow sharp, straight lines.

16/ The flower is lovely on it’s own, and would look amazing in a bouquet. It would also make an elegant brooch, or even a hair decoration. In this instance you can stitch a pin to the stem just behind the stem leaf, or even hot glue the stem to a hair clip. You can even try mixing up the flower petal colours.